Our Daily Manna Devotional 30 October 2018 – CHECK YOUR OWN OXYGEN!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 30 October 2018 – CHECK YOUR OWN OXYGEN!

Tribute has been paid to Mr.saman kunan, a former navy seal diver who died in attempted rescue of a group of Thai boys trapped in a cave in July this year. his body was taken aboard a c-120 plane to Bangkok and he received a royal –sponsored state funeral. The former seal died at about 1am o’clock on Friday July 6th this year when he ran out of oxygen on his way back to the surface after placing air tanks along the 2-mile route to the12 trapped boys and their coach. That is the current method for refreshing the air supply in caves. He became unconscious while making the return journey from “chamber three”, about a mile inside the cave.

Our Daily Manna Devotional 30 October 2018 – CHECK YOUR OWN OXYGEN!

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A fellow diver tried to revive him but was unsuccessful. Oh! So amazing! His job was to deliver oxygen to the trapped 13 souls. But he did not have enough on his way back after completing his assignment! Mr.kunan, who had

volunteered for the rescue and was reportedly 38, was videoed as he was boarding a plane to join the rescue mission in changing Rai. His last word were: I am at suvarnabhumi airport waiting to board the plane to join the mission in chiang Rai. I’m accompanied by doctors from the navy and divers from Sea World that also donated lots of diving

equipment. See you this evening. We will bring the kids home. Yes, the kids were all rescued but he never made it home! Thai armed forces web site offered condolences to kunan’s family and wrote: cave diving is one of the most

difficult works in the world. As we wish the soul of this hero eternal peace, what the Holy Ghost wants you to know is that: it is not enough to save others! You must make sure you have enough spiritual oxygen to save your soul and

your life’s assignment!

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Many believers keep the vineyards of others but allow weeds to choke their own vineyards (see songs of Solomon 1:6)! So sad! Determined that you will keep your vineyard and destiny first! No wonder Larry

stock still quipped: many men today are running on adrenaline and not anointing. A pastor, minister or church worker, who labours day and night for others but forgets his/her own name fresh oil will end up as ICHABOD!

Our Daily Manna Devotional 30 October 2018 – CHECK YOUR OWN OXYGEN!

A Christian who forgets his time ALONE WITH GOD, but is busy “winning souls” or even giving his/her church money/offerings will end up as a disgrace basket! Listen: as the CEO of your life, take care of your soul first! Charity begins at home (your life).check your prayer life daily! Are you on fire or you are getting dry daily? Are you living on

PAST GLORY or you still have your RIVER OF FRESH OIL FLOWING? When did you really hear the voice of God last? Are you so busy that you are now so scarce at the THRONE OF GRACE? Paul told timothy in 1 Tim 4:6-“take heed unto yourself, and unto the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.” Did get that you must save YOURSELF FIRST before others! As 2018 ends and 2019 begins, TAKE HEED UNTO YOURSELF!


Take song 1: my faith looks up…
1. In your own words, pray about today’s words as led now.
2. Holy Ghost, infuse me with FRESH FIRE! My VINEYARD of destiny will not be ABANDONED! I shall work on my salvation daily in Jesus name. pray about today as led now.

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