Our Daily Manna Devotional 2nd October 2018 – MORE THAN A NEW THING

Our Daily Manna Devotional 2nd October 2018 –



There are some basic thing about your past that you need to forget forever . never let you past interfere with your destiny no matter how ugly this year 2018 or indeed your past has been, your future can be better ; it all depends

on what you do today. Today is a new day and you can decide to either look at yesterday and let it limit your view or you look into the future and let it inspire you move  forward and all that you can do to be the best that God as

created you to be. No matter how 2018 as been, it is time to stop being a victim of circumstance.it is time to make today a new beginning in your life; a day when you tell yourself my future is bright  Hear Byron Katie, as long as

you thing that your problem is out  there as long as you thing that anyone or anything is responsible –the situation is hopeless.

Our Daily Manna Devotional 2nd October 2018 – MORE THAN A NEW THING

Daily Devotionals for Today

It means that you are forever in the role of the victim, that you are suffering in paradise. You need to step out and move from that prison. Don’t be a of your past don’t limit God your future is bright there is 2019 and 2020, 2021

and 20 future after 2018 Hear Gods word again, I will do a new thing. I hear the angels singing: new thing new song  new dance  you cannot be limited by the hurtful thing that people have done to you if you are confident


that your God can do new  thing  yes your battles are many and your enemies are determined ,but all hear is: There is coming a new thing, that will far outweigh the ugly hurtful thing that has been done to you in the past.

Yes the latter will be more glorious than former. Egypt mistreated Israel for four hundred years, but in less than one year ,God turned things around for them. Prophecy: the speed of your upcoming progress will overtake the

stress of your current delays. Todays scripture says, that He brought them forth with silver /gold and there was

none feeble among the tribes.

Our Daily Manna Devotional 2nd October 2018 – MORE THAN A NEW THING

Yes. The came out of Egypt  extremely rich .can you imagine that? T hat is what happens when God step in erase erase the hurt of the past start looking at 2019 let go and get God let go of  the

hurt and  disappointments and  let go re schedule and arrange  new appointment of glory and greatness of you it is your time  look up trust him pray now give out this 4th quarter odm copy to soul remember ,evangelism is Gods heartbeat I see NEW FAVOUR coming on you for every copy given out Start today.


PRAYER POINT: take your best song of worship as led now.

  1. Worship God for this new day. Pray about the word
  2. I step out of every prison of past hurt/ bitter experiences.
  3. Father, do something new in my life; something that will completely wipe off the pain of the past. Something that will put my adversaries to eternal shame in Jesus name Amen.
    A very Happy New Month to you and your family.
    Remain Bless

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