Daily Manna For Today 17 September 2018 – TOPIC: NEVER TOO LATE!

Daily Manna For Today 17 September 2018 – TOPIC: NEVER TOO LATE!

It was earl Nightingale who wrote: It’s never too late, for with a purpose, a worthy goal and a motivation to reach those upper layers on the pyramid, a person can travel further in a few years than he might otherwise travel in a lifetime. “It is never late to come up with new opportunities for new pursuits and fresh achievements. At age 77 (yes, you head right!)John Glenn become the oldest astronaut to ever go into space! At age 86,Katherine pelt on swam the 200 meter butterfly style! God is of PROCESS! Sara’s pregnancy was a miracle-T 90!

Daily Manna For Today 17 September 2018 – TOPIC: NEVER TOO LATE!

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The Vigil Mary conception of Jesus was a miracle –No MALE human SPERM WAS REQUIRED! Elizabeth gave birth to John at a mysterious and unbelievable age! It was a MIRACLE! But EACH OF THESE MIRACLES still passed through the normal 9 months! That is why I say that your TESTIMONY WILL SHOCK THE WORLD through it is passing through a DIVINE PROCESS OF TIME which you call DELAY! NO! NO! NO! THERE ARE NO DELAYS WITH GOD! You will still be WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO BE if you DON’T GIVE UP NOW! At age 92, Paul Spangler finished his 14th marathon! Yes! 14th Marathon! you need to set new goals that exceed previous marks! you can learn new skills, write new books, pursue a fresh agenda, establish a new venture, take up new studies and spend your energy on a new goals!

There is a lot of truth in the expression: Nothing ventured nothing gained! The road to the city of achievement is paved with rugged determination and hard work! Do not focus your attention on the obstacles or challenges! Let your goal drive you beyond the average point! Average effort produces average results! Keep moving on! Lab our in the morning, work hard in the afternoon and keep on struggling even when the shadows fall. My own biological son made a First class degree plus numerous awards from his university and I know the troubles he went through to get there! Here

Daily Manna For Today 17 September 2018 – TOPIC: NEVER TOO LATE!

lyman Abbott: Never say you are too old! you do not say it now, perhaps; but by and by when the hair grows gray and eyes grow dim and the young despair comes to curse the old age, you will say, ‘it is too late for me.’ Never too late! Never too old! How old are you- thirty, fifty, eighty? What is that in immortality? We are but children. “ Paul was the least of all the apostle (vs. 9 of today’s word ) because he CAME LATE! But did he not become the BEST at last? It is NEVER too late with God! Hold on and hold out! Get and out next ODM now!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship now.

  1. pray about today’s word as led now.
  2. Lord, use my life to BREAK RECORDS! Use my life to disgrace

the words, “ AGE FACTOR!”


the God of Mary and the God of Elizabeth! I shall not QUIT!

pray about today now!

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